Among the major notables who passed from the scene this year, three of the most famous -- two masters of cinema and a genius of football -- died on the same day: July 30.

Two others -- a historic Russian leader and a U.S. chronicler of war -- left us on April 23.

A giant of American letters and a groundbreaking black politician both died Nov. 10.

The world of opera heard the last from the king of high Cs (Sept. 6) and a diva with a dazzling voice and personality (July 2).

We said goodbye to a former first lady (July 11) but no former presidents.

The NFL lost two young players (Jan. 1 and Nov. 27) in their prime.

A wondrous cellist played his last note (April 27), as did a legendary jazz drummer (Aug. 16), a masterful jazz pianist (Dec. 23) and a rock 'n' roll pioneer (Dec. 12).

A fixture of tabloid news died young (Feb. 8), and print journalists eulogized two of their wittiest colleagues (Jan. 17 and Jan. 31).

California lost a once-leading politician (Feb. 5) and, across the border, the Roy Rogers of Mexico sang his last rodeo song (June 19).

Two businessmen who left their mark on Los Angeles also died (March 23 and June 24).

And a leading figure in Pakistan was claimed at year's end (Dec. 27).

Here is a roll call of some newsworthy figures who died in 2007.


Jan. 1. Darrent Williams, 24. Denver Broncos cornerback.

Tillie Olsen, 94. Author whose struggles with poverty, motherhood and writing endowed her slim but influential books.

Jan. 2. Teddy Kollek, 95. Six-term mayor of Jerusalem, tried to balance needs of Jewish and Arab populations.

Jan. 3. C. William Verity Jr., 89. As secretary of Commerce, he pushed to recognize quality.

Jan. 4 Vincent Sardi Jr., 91. Consummate host of Sardi's, famed Broadway watering hole.

Jan. 5. Momofuku Ando, 96. Japanese businessman who invented instant noodles.