Actors, actresses and entertainers

Maila Nurmi, 85; actress created the character Vampira as hostess of late-night TV horror show (Jan. 10)

Jack Eagle, 81; a comedian and actor who played Brother Dominic in a Xerox ad during the 1977 Super Bowl (Jan. 10)

Brad Renfro, 25; actor who got his break as a child in the film "The Client" but later struggled with drug addiction (Jan. 15)

Allan Melvin, 84; a popular character actor who played Cpl. Henshaw on Phil Silvers' classic 1950s sitcom and later played Barney on "All in the Family" (Jan. 17)

Lois Nettleton, 80; daytime Emmy-award winning actress who had a long career on Broadway and television (Jan. 18)

Suzanne Pleshette, 70; comedic actress best known for her role as Emily Hartley on "The Bob Newhart Show" (Jan. 19)

Heath Ledger, 28; Australian-born actor nominated for an Oscar for his role as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain" was found dead of prescription drug overdose (Jan. 22)

Shell Kepler, 49; actress who played gossipy nurse Amy Vining on ABC soap opera "General Hospital" (Feb. 1)

Barry Morse, 89; actor played Lt. Gerard on "The Fugitive" (Feb. 2)

Eva Dahlbeck, 87; nimble leading lady of early Ingmar Bergman films (Feb. 8)

Roy Scheider, 75; actor starred in "Jaws" and "All That Jazz" and was nominated for two Academy Awards (Feb. 10)

Ben Chapman, 79; actor who played the title character in the 1954 3-D monster movie "Creature From the Black Lagoon" (Feb. 21)

Ivan Dixon, 76; pioneering black actor who starred in "Nothing but a Man" and later "Hogan's Heroes" (March 16)

Paul Scofield, 86; acclaimed British actor won Academy Award for "A Man for All Seasons" (March 19)

Richard Widmark, 93; Hollywood leading man who made a sensational film debut as the giggling killer in "Kiss of Death" (March 24)

Charlton Heston, 84; the Oscar-winning actor who achieved stardom playing larger-than-life figures, including Moses, Michelangelo and Andrew Jackson, and went on to become a darling of the conservative movement in America (April 5)

Stanley Kamel, 65; a veteran character actor who appeared most recently in the TV series "Monk" as detective Adrian Monk's psychiatrist (April 8)

Werner Groebli, 92; half of the comic ice-skating duo "Frick and Frack" adored by millions in the 1940s and 1950s (April 14)