This presidential database loves running and Legos

Arden Hayes is 5. He loves Legos and running so fast across the living room to flip onto the couch that his feet end up pointing at the ceiling.

He also loves the presidents — especially 11 and 33.

Arden knows all 44 U.S. presidents. In order. Ask him who was 29 and right away he'll say Warren G. Harding.

As for 11 (James K. Polk) and 33 (Harry S. Truman), they're his favorites, he says, because "they're dark-horse candidates."

Also, Polk got us California, which happens to be Arden's home.

Arden lives in a South Pasadena apartment with his parents, Casey and Lynn, and his 18-month-old sister, Miranda. Arden calls Miranda "Baby" and says he likes to do things she can't.

He also enjoys sorting through the box of his mom's costume jewelry that he keeps tucked under his bed.

He's into the solar system. Planets hang from the foot of his bed — although some of the labels are missing and it may be that Baby has eaten them.

A beach-ball Earth dangles from the ceiling.

"I look up at Antarctica," Arden says.

For months now, though, his sights mostly have been set on finding out about our nation's chief executives.

It all started with the calendar on his bedroom wall.

Arden's mom (who's great at digging up facts) has written names of famous people's birthdays in nearly every square.

Arden was born Jan. 30, as was Franklin Delano Roosevelt — 126 years before him.

He was so excited when he found out who shared his birthday that he wanted to know more immediately.

But why stop at one president when there are 43 more?

Arden likes saying the presidents' full names and their middle initials.

William Jefferson Clinton, George H.W. Bush.

Sometimes he says that he and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are related.

As it happens, says his dad, 19 (Rutherford B. Hayes) actually was a third cousin four or five times removed.