Your ode to L.A.? Let's have it

Justin Chart's love song to Los Angeles has gotten 4 million views on YouTube, but he doesn't have much competition. Here's your chance to do better.

Some people despise Los Angeles. Others have a love-hate relationship. And then there's Justin Chart, 53, who loves his native city with all his aching heart.

Nearly a year ago, Chart took his daughter to the Griffith Observatory, and they enjoyed a splendiferous day inside the museum. But the real show began when they stepped back outside and into the glorious vapor of the fading day.

"The lights were coming on and I was looking over this panoramic view, thinking, 'My God, this is the most beautiful city I've ever seen,' and I've traveled all over the world."

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Chart went home to Hancock Park, picked up his guitar and "the chords started coming out."

The chords had no choice. Chart — who says he makes a decent living as a band member, studio musician and composer — was on a mission to capture the pride that swelled in his chest. He wanted to create "the official song" of Los Angeles, he said.

And we really don't have one, do we?

We know you can leave your heart in San Francisco, that Chicago is a toddlin' town, and that New York is a city that never sleeps.

But for all the great songs about Los Angeles, does it have a go-to anthem?

Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." is a contender, and Chart said he's a fan. But he adds that Newman is "kind of spoofing L.A. ... but I'm trying to promote the positive side of this city."

Mission accomplished, I'd say. Two weeks after inspiration struck, Chart had given birth to his tribute song. And he gave it a title appropriate for an anthem.

"Los Angeles the Song."

A twangy, guitar-driven intro gives way to the opening verse.

"We are a winning team. Stars and the silver screen. We come from near and far. To be with the best. We're Los Angeles. Los Angeles."

Grammy-caliber? Perhaps not. You may cheer or you may jeer. But I can guarantee one thing:

Once you hear it, you will not be able to get it out of your head.

Chart recruited some musician pals to help with the recording, then put an ad on Craigslist for a videographer. The video looks like it could have been shot from a tour bus, with the Greater Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce director behind the wheel. You get the beach, the mountains, Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, Beverly Hills. Nothing better under the sun.

And now, proud Angelenos, we get to the most amazing part of this story.

Chart's original song, along with a dance version, a Spanish version and a sort of Ricky Ricardo Latin version, have together registered — are you ready for this, Randy Newman? — more than 4 million views on YouTube. And he swears he did nothing to goose those numbers.

A YouTube version of Newman's "I Love L.A.," posted a year earlier than Chart's, has fewer than 50,000 views.

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