The issue of jobs

Re “Talk at 10: Leno to get new NBC show,” Dec. 9

It is great that Jay Leno gets to save his job by moving to 10 p.m. while hundreds of good-paying union jobs -- acting, writing and otherwise -- will be lost as more scripted television shows are eliminated. NBC executives are shortsighted on this job issue also.

Greed is good ... if you are Leno or top brass at a network. As a Screen Actors Guild member, I hope the 10 p.m. Leno show falls fast in the ratings because of a lack of quality guests.

William C. Mitchell

Sun Valley

Sleepy-time TV

Re “Talk at 10: Leno to get new NBC show,” Dec. 9

With his new starting time, Jay Leno will have the potential to pick up millions of older fans (like myself) who cannot stay awake until 11:30 p.m. What a huge new market for Jay and NBC.

I'm looking forward to watching nighttime talk while going to sleep again, like I used to when I was younger.

Bob Larkin

Westlake Village

Bush's record speaks for itself

Re “A few words about Bush,” Dec. 9

I sincerely doubt that the Bush administration officials who provide talking points to high-ranking Republicans truly believe their own spin. Sadly, though, I suspect that President Bush does.

Indeed, I get the impression that he thinks he has done a fine job as president. The heartbreaking truth is that both his foreign and domestic policies have left in their wake death and destruction, human suffering and severe economic hardship for countless people. No amount of memo guides or official-sounding documents that have absolutely no basis in reality will change that irrefutable fact.

Ramona Saenz


Political corruption