Photo Sphere

A screenshot of a Photo Sphere taken in Madaveli, Maldives. (Courtesy of Munah Ahmed)

Since Google launched Photo Sphere late last year, numerous users have contributed panoramic photos to Google Maps.

Photo Sphere is a special camera mode available on some Android smartphones that allows users to quickly and easily take 360-degree Street View-style images.

The mode can be used in any part of the world, and if users choose to share their photo with Google Maps, the panorama will show up when others search Google Maps for that location -- even if it's one where Street View has not yet launched.

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Google is hoping users with Photo Sphere will help it gather images from around the globe more quickly than the company can on its own.

To see Photo Spheres, you can head to Google's "Views" website. You can also find 10 of our favorite Photo Sphere images below. Click on the image and keep the left mouse button pressed to change the view. You can also use the navigation button on the top left of each Photo Sphere.

10. San Juan, Utah

By Jeremy Davies

9. Rio de Janeiro

By Adam Cochran

8. Ross, Antarctica

By Bryan Kiechle

7. El Castell de Guadalest, Alacant, Spain