'The Killing' recap: Hey, Joe, are you the Pied Piper?

Joe has the field to himself for the moment. But he might have an alibi for Kallie’s disappearance if he was indeed at Danette’s. Danette told Linden only that she’d told Kallie her boyfriend was coming over, not that he actually had. In any case, I’m not sure Kallie would have gotten in a car with Joe after we saw her duck his notice earlier. Also, it’s unclear what his tie might be to the biohazard bags that held the Pied Piper’s victims’ remains. If Joe is the Pied Piper, his pipe appears to be … fast-food potatoes. He gave Lyric his hash browns last week, and this week Tiffany recalls the man with whom she made the video let her have his fries.

Lingering questions

What’s the story on Joe?

Where’s Kallie?

What happened to the chaplain who Ray bloodied in the premiere?

Last things

“Pied Piper,” if it sticks, is originated by an early suspect, Goldie. That strikes me as unusual. Most often, it seems, unidentified serial killers’ nicknames originate with journalists. The recently deceased Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez), for example, got that name after a brainstorming session at the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.

The Bullet-Holder interactions are among the best things about this season, and one this week was the best yet. It starts with Bullet mocking a carrot-munching Holder: “Man, you look like a rabbit. Like some big, hairless, albino Bugs Bunny.” From there, it’s a friendly swapping of rabbit factoids -- they have three eyelids, Holder says; they’re unable to vomit, Bullet adds.



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