Watch Flying Lotus' new trailer for his album "You're Dead!"

Flying Lotus has been hinting at the material on his new album "You're Dead!" for a few days now, revealing the track list and collaborations via images from the artist Shintaro Kago.

Now the L.A. beat-music producer has posted a video trailer for the album that prominently features new music.

"You're Dead!," out Oct. 7 on his longtime home Warp Records, sports a number of notable guests. Jazz titan Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, bass master Thundercat, his own Captain Murphy alias and even Snoop Dogg make appearances.

The album is a sort-of concept record about death and afterlife, but one with a more playful tone than his last LP, the relatively dark and sparse "Until the Quiet Comes." The snippets of music suggest a psychedelic ride down a noisy jazz-funk wormhole (hear it for yourself when he plays FYF Fest on Aug. 24).

The new video is a barrage of flashing lights and giddily necrotic, manga-inspired images from Kago. One can hear a bit of Snoop's vocals in the trailer, which finally links one of L.A.'s most idiosyncratic and virtuosic producers with one of its most charismatic rappers. Watch it here.

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