After first making his mark as a child actor on '80s sitcoms "Silver Spoons" and "The Hogan Family," Jason Bateman reinvented himself as an adult star via the comedy series "Arrested Development" and a string of big-screen roles, usually playing an embattled everyman.

With his directorial debut, the foul-mouthed spelling bee comedy "Bad Words," opening in six theaters Friday, Bateman enters a new stage in his career (he also stars in the film).

"Bad Words," which was made for less than $10 million, has earned generally positive reviews and had a "69% fresh" rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Time will tell how it performs at the box office. Here's a look at Bateman's box-office track record since his "Arrested" renaissance, with data from Box Office Mojo.

"Juno" (2007)

Domestic gross: $143.5 million. Widest release: 2,500 theaters.

Bateman lent some star power to this Oscar-winning indie comedy (for original screenplay), a surprise hit, along with Jennifer Garner and "Arrested Development" costar Michael Cera.

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"The Ex" (2007)

Domestic gross: $3.1 million. Widest release: 1,000 theaters.

A critical and commercial disappointment, "The Ex" featured Bateman in a supporting role as Zach Braff's antagonist as the two fought over for Amanda Peet.

"Hancock" (2008)

Domestic gross: $228 million. Widest release: 4,000 theaters.

Bateman's biggest box office success found him playing a well-meaning publicist in a supporting role opposite Charlize Theron as his wife and Will Smith as an ornery, alcoholic superhero.

"Extract" (2009)

Domestic gross: $10.9 million. Widest release: 1,600 theaters.

Bateman's first top-lining role since his "Arrested" comeback was this Mike Judge comedy about a guy who runs a factory making food extracts; it failed to impress critics or make much of a splash at the box office.

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"Up in the Air" (2009)

Domestic gross: $83.8 million. Widest release: 2,200 theaters.

Going against his usual guy-next-door type (as he does in "Bad Words"), Bateman played a ruthless executive in this comedy-drama starring George Clooney as a corporate downsizer. Bateman earned fine notices for his performance, and the film garnered six Oscar nominations.