Actress Holly Hunter. (Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images / February 11, 2013)

Was the wig a kind of transformational moment?

I felt that GJ is one of those people who you get a lot of information about her immediately, visually and also line-wise. When Peter Mullan's character, early on in the first episode, says, "What is it? He, she, it?" I felt there was a certain fulfillment that I wanted to have visually with this character, so that she could inhabit "he, she, it." And the wig was, like you said, good transportation. Did you say transformation or transportation?

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Either way it works, right?


At one point, GJ's past is described as a "calamity." Do you have any insight into that?

Well, you know, that's a mystery, the calamity. And it remains a mystery. But it's a physiological — not really a metaphysical. It was more of a cellular change that the character speaks of. But that really is not covered. It remains an inexplicable passage.

I wonder if Campion could come back to the character and give her her own miniseries.

Well, if Jane does "Top of the Lake: Part Two," maybe we'll find out more about what that was.