PAUL GONZALES / Los Angeles Times

PAUL GONZALES / Los Angeles Times (PAUL GONZALES, Los Angeles Times / June 1, 2009)

What's on your summer reading list? Maybe you've got it all worked out already, but if you don't, here are 60 possibilities, arranged by the months in which they'll be published -- the best of this summer's forthcoming reads.


And Then There's This:
How Stories Live and Die
in Viral Culture
By Bill Wasik
A snapshot of our information age's frenzied metamorphosis.

The Angel's Game
A Novel

By Carlos Ruiz Zafón
The author of "The Shadow of the Wind" describes a diabolical deal between a young writer and his mysterious client.

A Bright and Guilty Place
Murder, Corruption, and L.A.'s Scandalous Coming of Age

By Richard Rayner
(Random House)
The City of Angels' un-angelic, corrupt past, as experienced by a prosecutor and a crime scene investigator.

Conquest of the Useless