Busy Monsters

William Giraldi

W.W. Norton: $24.95

When a mediocre writer's bride-to-be leaves him to search for a legendary giant squid, he treks across the continent seeking counsel from nefarious creatures on how to win back her affections. (August)


Selected Late Poems

Charles Wright

Farrar, Straus & Giroux: $30

A selection of the prize-winning poet's spare, lyrical observations on life's essential questions, like the conflict between memory and the past: "It may not be written in any book, but it is written — /You can't go back," he explains in "Littlefoot." (now available)

The Chieu Hoi Saloon

A Novel

Michael Harris

PM Press: $19.95 paper

The lives of a Vietnam vet, a bar owner and a prostitute collide in a haunting story set against the backdrop of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. (now available)

Children and Fire

A Novel

Ursula Hegi

Scribner: $25

The lastest from the author of "Stones From the River" tells the story of a teacher in a German town in 1934 who is quickly being seduced by Hitler's propaganda into a reality circumscribed by fear, hatred and murder. (May)