The celebrated political humorist on the road with his family makes him wish he were under artillery fire again.

Hollywood Left and Right

How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics

Steven J. Ross

Oxford University Press, $29.95

Ross challenges the conventional belief that Hollywood is the seat of liberalism in this evenhanded accounting of the industry's political history.

Howard Cosell

The Man, the Myth and the Transformation of American Sports

Mark Ribowsky

W.W. Norton, $29.95

Reviled by many but never boring, Cosell was a groundbreaking figure in American television.

In My Time

A Personal and Political Memoir

Dick Cheney

Threshold Editions, $35

The outspoken former vice president's accounting of the Bush Administration's War on Terrorism.

Instant City

Life and Death in Karachi

Steve Inskeep

Penguin Press, $27.95