'The Art of The Adventures of Tintin' (Harper Design)

Vendome Press, $65

An intimate look at some of the most complex, imposing architectural creations in the world.


Culture on the Edge

Phil Borges

Rizzoli, $45

An examination of Tibet through the prism of dramatic development, climate change and the deep devotion of its people.

Traveling the Silk Road

Ancient Pathway to the Modern World

Mark Norell, Denise Patry Leidy and the American Museum of Natural History

With Laura Ross

Sterling Signature, $40

Man's early attempts at globalization are examined through the history of the Silk Road with its major stops in China, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

The Worlds of Hunt Slonem

Dominique Nahas

Vendome Press, $90

The work of the onetime enfant terrible of the art world, Hunt Slonem's work depicts both natural subjects and portraits using multiplicity as a governing principle.