Quiz: Brand names -- can you pick out the real ones?

Do you know your Gucci from your Galliano? Your Levi's from your Lincoln? Brand names are part of our pop-culture psyche. But corporations and luxury brands have been known to change their names.

French luxury group PPR, whose portfolio includes brands like Puma, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, recently announced that it is officially changing its name to Kering (pronounced “caring”).

Although to us the name sounds more appropriate for a Scandinavian wolf hospice or an off-brand cherry liqueur than a high-end luxury firm, the word “ker” is a Breton word that translates as “home” which, according to company Chairman and Chief Executive Francois-Henri Pinault, better reflects the company’s recently narrowed focus on the apparel and accessories brands.

Take our quiz on brand names that have changed and see if you can pick out the real names from the false ones we've planted.



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