Got back pain? Try this simple move for relief

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Registered yoga teacher Teresa Ollis joined Ozarks Today on Friday with a simple move that can help the millions who suffer from back pain.  Ollis says Restorative Yoga can be effective in reducing low back pain.  She says it combines muscle relaxation and proper alignment to stop the pain cycle.

In the video, Ollis says to begin by lying on the floor (on your back) with both your knees bent. Slowly lift your hips up and place a Yoga Block under the center of your hips.  You could also use a couple of books -- or a phonebook -- but a Yoga Block is considered the best option.

Next, relax your arms and let your palms rest up toward the ceiling.  Close your eyes and breathe calmly.  Then, slowly cross one knee and hold while breathing calmly. Switch legs and cross the other knee.