Charging it to beat the rising gas prices
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Gas prices are on the rise just in time for Memorial Day weekend.
Steve Stodden's gas guzzling days are over. "I used to fill up once a week, if not twice a week," said Stodden.
Now he charges up while at work. "I just test drove it because I was curious," said Stodden.  "I ended up trading my car that day and bought it."
He drives a Chevy Volt. It's an electric car. No gas required means no pain in the pocketbook.
"You really don't pay attention to what the gas price is until someone complains about it because you just drive by the gas stations," said Stodden
Stodden uses a free public charging station near the Busch Building in downtown Springfield. Solid Waste Management foots the bill. "You kind of got to get here early in the morning or at lunch to get the spot," said Stodden.
The station operates on a first come first serve bases. Since it's typically being used, city leaders hope to put more stations around Springfield.
"I never see myself going back to just a gas vehicle," said Stodden.