Healthy Swaps Southern Style Peach-Almond Cobbler
Healthy Swaps Southern Style Peach-Almond Cobbler
(*see dietary notes)
Recipe by: Chef Kelly Yorke

August is high season for Colorado peaches. So enjoy them at their peak by making this Southern Living Easy Peach Cobbler recipe which has been revised with "Healthy Swaps" in order to reduce the amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates, and cholesterol per serving, yet still is a delicious and satisfying (and guiltless) home style dessert. Try topping this cobbler with a dollop of Easy Homemade Peach-Almond Soft Serve (recipe follows) and a sprinkling of sliced toasted almonds for a doubly "Peachy" dessert.


4 Tbsp. Smart Balance Buttery Sticks, melted
1 cup White Whole Wheat Flour, unbleached
1/2 cup Stevia Extract, In the Raw
1/2 cup Splenda, Brown Sugar Blend
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 pinch Salt
1 cup Almond Milk, unsweetened
5 cups Fresh Peaches, skinned and sliced (about 2 lbs. or 6 – 8 medium peaches)
1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp. Almond Extract
1/2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1. Preheat oven to 375 °F.
2. Melt Smart Balance in a 13 x 9 inch baking dish.