Ramon Ontiveros has his insurance guy on the way.  His house looks like it was hit by machine gun fire.  The siding is ruined.  He can't believe it.

"This is my first experience with something like this," said Ontiveros.

His house is an extreme example of the damage caused by Sunday's hail.  Roofer Mike Heiland says his phone has been ringing off the hook since the storm.  Homeowners want their roofs checked out for damage.

Heiland says many of the homes in Ontiveros' Bel Aire neighborhood have roof damage in the ten thousand dollar range.  Bigger homes can run 20 to 30 thousand. 

Heiland says the kind of damage he is seeing needs to be repaired, because the integrity of the shingles has been compromised.  But, he says it's not urgent. 

He suggests homeowners get on the list of a reputable local contractor for repairs.  It may take a few weeks or even months.  He says that'll be fine.

Meanwhile, west-facing windows also took a beating.  Glass companies are out taking measurements and making repairs.  They say it could take two to three weeks to get your glass replaced. 

All this damage has homeowners like Ontiveros thankful for insurance.

Repairing hail damaged homes