Black and yellow were the winning colors Saturday night in Los Angeles as Wichita State celebrated their Elite 8 win over Ohio State.

But somewhere behind the scenes with the Shockers was a man wearing pink.

"I usually like to wear a little yellow but with this tie, I wore it on a black out night and ever since then I've just kept rolling with it," said Jason Malay. 

29-year-old Malay is an assistant director of marketing with Wichita State and he has worn the same white shirt, black and pink tie and black suit combination for every game during the 2013 NCAA Tournament run. A superstition that he is holding himself to.

"The suit and the shirt are the same from Salt Lake City, so I knew I had to wear it again," Malay said. "I got it all clean, so that cost me a pretty penny but it's the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8, so I thought I'd step it up a little bit."

It goes further for him than you'd think. Malay has worn that black and pink tie for the Shockers three biggest Missouri Valley Conference wins this season; Creighton, Northern Iowa and Drake, and now it's part of the biggest winning streak of the year.

"Creighton was a black out game, UNI was on New Years Eve so it was a black tie event and Drake, I put it on because we needed a win, so it's good luck for me."

We always get caught up in the game and often don't think about the people behind the scenes that make things happen, but people like Malay live and die just the same as the players.

"I know it's those guys out on the court, and I see how hard Coach Marshall and those guys work," Malay said. "I just like to be a part of the ride and if I can help with a little bit of luck, I'll do it."