Fix It Pro

Ed Maddern loves his truck, but not the scratches on his hood left by falling tree limbs.  To get rid of them, he asked us to try an old Billy Mays stand-by:  "Fix-It."

The compound comes in a tube, which has only one warning on it.  The directions say to make sure the cap stays on the tip when you're not using it, or the tip will harden from the sunlight.

Ed applies it on the scratch, like you'd color a straight line with a marker.  Moments later, Ed is ecstatic at what he sees.    The scratch's white line is gone, and he has to look hard to see where the damage used to be. 

His enthusiasm is short-lived.

When he tries the tube out on the next few scratches, the liquid starts gumming up. And the tip hardens as well.  That's even though he kept the cap on when he wasn't using it. 

Within a couple of minutes, the tip is so hardened that it actually sticks to the cap.  Ed pulls the cap off---only to pull off the tip in the process!  That leaves all the liquid inside just ready to pour out. 

Despite that "applicator malfunction," Ed is ready to try a second tube on a much longer scratch on the side of his truck.  But the liquid gushes out, running down the vehicle. And the tip hardens within second, before he can finish the job.

Three days later, after "Fix- It" has cured, the news is even worse.  It looks like Ed put super-glue on the scratches.  He is not happy. 

We contacted the company that makes "Fix It."  A spokesman admits they've changed the instructions to read  "apply on in the shade."  That's even though the Billy Mays commercial showed him applying it in the sun.  And the spokesman says our tube didn't have the updated directions.  Despite Ed's results,  the company says it stands by its product.