Medical chopper association shares accident data
A recent study by the Association of the Air Medical Transport says there have been 5 fatal accidents this year. The report shows since 2011 there have been 7 fatal accidents involving medical helicopters.
Fatal air medical accidents since the start of 2011:
  • 8/23/11          Mosby, MO                  4 Fatalities
  • 12/10/12        Rochelle, IL                 3 Fatalities
  • 1/2/13            Ventura, IA                 3 Fatalities
  • 2/22/13          Oklahoma City, OK      2 Fatalities
  • 5/31/13          Moosonee, Ontario      4 Fatalities
  • 6/6/13            Manchester, KY           3 Fatalities
  • 6/11/13          Talihina, OK         1 Fatality    

The AAMT says as of 2012 there are 850 EMS helicopters in the US. The increase in choppers has been a shift of demographics of the elderly living in rural areas, and the availability of healthcare.

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