Valentine's Day Is Recession Resistant
It seems love is conquering all this Valentine's day...even in a recession

Many local florists and candy shops are seeing a spike in business this holiday.

Kevin Kennedy is buying his sweetheart roses to show her some love.

He says, "You make that special effort to show how much you care."

Even with the tough economy he says he doesn't mind spending his hard earned cash.

He spent $90 on her.

"Because I care about her, the economy doesn't make that much of a difference."

Florist, Michele Porter at G. Rossi says Valentine's Day seems to be recession resistant.

G. Rossi even lowered their prices for a dozen roses to make them more affordable.

That's helped increase their sales by twenty percent.

"Business has been better than ever."

Flower shops aren't the only ones weathering the tough economy.

In Old Town Sacramento, Candy Heaven is seeing a sweet spike in sales.

"They want to show how much they love them with a sweet little treat.

Felicia Whitfield is buying her husband of 32 years, Zane some goodies to express her love.

Zane says he isn't spending any money on his wife today not because we're in a recession but because he knows there's one thing she wants more than candy, flowers or jewelry.

He says, "Me...That's it. Just me."