Teen Expelled From School For Gun In Truck
The National Rifle Association is firing back at Willows School administrators for expelling a student who had a shotgun in his truck.

He was kicked out even though the truck was never brought on campus.

"I think the school over-reacted."

Willows High School Student Gary Tudesko is upset over the school board's decision to expel him after they found a shotgun inside his truck.

"I should've taken them home."

The 16-year old had just returned from a duck hunting trip and parked his truck with the unloaded shot gun...ammo...and a knife off-campus.

"I thought if I parked off-campus that I'd be alright."

California Law defines a school zone as a distance within One Thousand feet from school grounds.

The National Rifle Association got word of his expulsion and is fighting to get him back in school.

The NRA provided him a lawyer to help with his appeal to the Glenn County Board of Education.

"I hope the NRA wins and tears that school district because that's un-called for."

Wes Lewis owns the "Guns And Stuff" shop in North Highlands and believes Tudesko didn't mean any harm.

"They blew it way out of proportion as far as I'm concerned."

Bonnie Miller teaches at McClellan's Keema High School and says the teen needs to pay the consequences.

"I think rules are in place for a reason and unfortunately there are a million excuses why something happens.