60 Cats Taken From Citrus Heights Home
Sacramento County Animal Control Officers rounded up nearly 60 cats from a Citrus Heights duplex after police discovered dozens of cats wandering in the home. Officers were lead to the home while investigating a shoplifting case. "They knocked on the door and once the door opened there was a very strong stench," said Citrus Heights police Sgt. Janet Schaefer.

Animal control was called and a dozen kittens were taken to the county shelter. Some of them died before they arrived and the others were euthanized because of their poor condition. Animal control officers spent most of the morning capturing over two dozen cats that were running loose in the building. They left traps for as many as twenty cats that they couldn't capture.

There were piles of cat feces all over the house, two to three inches thick in some areas. Cat food was scattered about with uncleaned boxes of cat litter. Piles of clothing and trash were also in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Neighbors say a ten year old boy lived in the duplex with his mother and grandmother. They also say as many as nine people lived in the two bedroom unit on and off including several small children. "It's horrible. I'm glad he's out of there. I'm glad the situation is going to change," said Nichelle Novak who lives across the street. Novak said the woman who lived across the street worked as a maid.

Police arrested a woman on the shoplifting charge but haven't been able to find out who was responsible for the cats. Code enforcement has declared the unit hazardous and unsanitry and an eviction notice was posted.

"We definitely have multiple counts of felony animal cruelty that we're going to refer to the district attorney," said animal control officer Reuben Hernandez.