I have a new phrase with friends about "going Tiger Mom" when referring to getting tough on kids. It's coined from the controversial book by Yale professor/mom/author Amy Chua, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." The book enraged American moms with her harsh parenting style and for accusing the "American style" of parenting as inferior. This week Chua followed up with a piece in USA Today about why education in America is failing. I do think there's some truth to what Chua argues.

Here's an excerpt:

"Why are we so intolerant when it comes to child-rearing? Perhaps it's insecurity. We all desperately want to get it right and never know for sure whether we are. Perhaps it's because the stakes are so high, and it's terrifying to admit a mistake. Our society's need to ignite "mommy wars" is especially odd because anyone can see that there are many ways of producing happy, healthy children — and clearly no one right formula. Yet if someone has a different philosophy of child-rearing, we instantly feel judged and lash back. But now more than ever, intolerance is the wrong mind-set."