Thick Fog Blamed in Morning Accident

Wednesday’s thick fog is being blamed in a major accident in Davis, where a woman was hit by a car.

“We do believe that the weather has played a factor in the cause of the accident,” said Glenn Glasgow with Davis Police.

Just before 7 a.m., the woman was hit by a blue truck near the intersection of Lake and Russell Boulevard. Witnesses say the truck driver was not speeding.

“Even though the person may be traveling below the speed limit if that is what is safe, then that’s what we encourage people to do and that’s what the law says,” said Glasgow.

The woman, who has not been identified, has major injuries and she was rushed to a hospital.

We talked to a man who bikes in the area, and he said even in nice weather, cars are a problem. “We’ve noticed that cars are just coming too fast and they don’t stop when you’re at the edge of the road,” said Charlie Laub.

Laub said he wears bright colors and has lights on his bike to make sure cars see him in any type of weather.