Stockton's Green Solution

Fixer-upper homes are pretty common in the valley; Stockton is no exception.

Stockton resident Hayden Logan saw a window of opportunity in all those closed doors.

“We’re at an all-time low for purchasing property,” Logan said. “Stockton is an excellent community that’s affordable; great for rent and overhead expenses.”

With those factors in mind, Logan started the company "Greener Solutions" which works with first time and existing home owners to find fixer-upper properties.

 “We can make it more energy efficient do dual pane windows, heating and air, roofing,” explained Logan. “As they purchase these houses, fix them up, they now have equity in a market that nobody thought existed.”

An innovative idea but to make it work Logan had to get creative and stay local. Not only do the company’s green products come from the area, so do the employees; all are graduates from the University of the Pacific.

“Choosing a university like (University of the Pacific) I knew I had a talent pool of some great innovative young kids that are willing and apt to work,” explained Logan. “As a 27-year-old business man I realized that hiring kids directly out of college it could give me a great way to create this nice green company.”

But don’t let the age of the employees, the owner, or the company fool you; they’re successful.

“We put 45 people in homes last year,” said Logan. “I’ve only been running the company for four years, but we went from one employee to 15 employees.”

They’re continuing to grow, however their goal goes beyond just having a successful company.

“I always thought Stockton was a great community,” said Logan. “It doesn’t always get the best wrap. I truly care and love where I live.”

For more information visit the company’s website here.