Some Moviegoers Apprehensive about Returning to the Theater

It should be a summer treat - heading into a cool theater on a hot evening.

But with lingering thoughts of the movie theater massacre in Colorado, coming to the theater is a little bit of a challenge for some ticket holders.

Young Javier Cardoza of Elk Grove says he was initially a little afraid something like the Aurora incident could happen here.

"Actually I was (scared). It's in the back of your mind that something like that can happen.  But you gotta let it go. Keep going," said Javier’s dad Nelson.

Even with security officers standing by inside the Century 16 and Elk Grove police officers outside, one member of the Gomez family was too scared to make the trip out with everyone else.

The attitude most folks had as they stepped up to their date with the “The Dark Knight Rises” was that fear wasn't going to get the best of them.

"I'm not thinking about it. I'm going go in there and enjoy some time with my kids and see a movie," said Steve Pieri.

"I try not to let things  like that scare or stop  me from living my life so I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing," said Patty Harris.

Petra Anderson, a recent University of the Pacific graduate who was shot four times in that Aurora, Colo. theater, continues to improve.

Her family was faced with her crushing medical bills just as her mom was to undergo experimental cancer treatment.

So far, online efforts have helped raise more than $228,000 to help pay for their care.