West Coast Stores Selling out of "Radiation Supplement"

Concern, if not fear, is sweeping the West Coast in the wake of that nuclear disaster in Japan.  The Sacramento Food Co-op on Alhambra could be just one of many stores that sold out of so-called “Radiation” supplements. 

New stocks are on backorder.  But as one woman told FOX40’s John Lobertini, “I’ve looked all over Sacramento and I can’t find the stuff anywhere.”

Experts say the first radiation clouds could hit the West Coast 8 days after the first explosion; which could mean this weekend.  Cali Krystal showed up at the food co-op 2 days, too late, ”I’m an herbalist, a certified herbalist.  I’m looking into potassium iodate that protects the thyroid.”

Exposure to radiation can cause cancer, especially Thyroid cancer.  Iodine pills and products that contain potassium Iodide, like Kelp, have long been considered the Magic Pill for radiation victims.

”Those people are being foolish,” but Dr. Marvin Goldman, an expert on radiation exposure, says the dangers from this cloud are small.  ”It’s so diluted by the distance and the mixing of the air over these many thousands of miles that I’m not even sure we’d even be able to detect any radio iodine and cesium.”

But there’s plenty of fear mongering on the internet.  One blog claims independent radiation technology is forecasting danger.  The writer tells her blogosphere: “The government won’t tell you because the government doesn’t care about you.”

”Yea, she’s all over it.  She has time to be surfing the internet,” Lalanya Feenstra got an ear full from her hyper vigilant mother at home.  ”Text messaged me that she was taking iodine supplements just because they were having higher readings of some radioactive isotope they monitor.”

One nurse tells FOX40 patients are asking a lot of questions, and anecdotally it could be there are more fears than first thought.  Daidre Schramm is just trying to keep a level head, ”It’s concerning.  But not enough to hunker down and not leave my house or anything.”

This is the day conspiracy theorists have been waiting for.  One web site directs its followers to “Real Time Radiation Monitoring Networks.”

But doctors have long known the body can absorb small amounts of radiation.  What ends up on the West Coast, according to experts, may not rise to the level of the radiation exposure you receive during a visit to the doctor.

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