Sacramento Basketball Fans Welcome Deal
There was nothing scientific about the survey.  Still, when FOX40 questioned sports fans at random Monday night about the upcoming NBA season, the response was unanimous.  They are excited about the prospect of the lockout ending and games being played again.

As one fan at Bisla's Sports Bar in Sacramento put it, "The lockout's over.  Let's get back to basketball.  Let's go Kings.  I'm ready to go."

Much of the public outcry during the lockout focused on the subject of greed.  But when asked about that perception, another fan at Bisla's said, "As far as the players going for a better deal...they're entitled to it."

Certainly some basketball fans will be slow to support the NBA again.  But the Kings' director of public relations paints a positive picture about what Monday was like in the front office.  "We had a really good day," Chris Clark told FOX40.  "We had a lot of positive calls come in from our fans.  We sold a number of season ticket packages.  And we want fans to know that they can still purchase season ticket packages and partial game packages."

As for when single game tickets will go on sale, Clark did not yet have an answer from the NBA.  The league had not released a complete schedule as of Monday night.

We also visited the Sports Fever store inside the Arden Fair mall where Kings merchandise is overshadowed by NFL gear.  But store manager Tim Cowan expects that to change once games get underway again.  He also told us that anybody wishing to buy a Jimmer Fredette jersey should put their order in soon.  During the lockout, the league couldn't even print rookie jerseys.  

"They're going to start shipping it fast and furious now that they can legally send it out since there is a league again," Cowan said.