I wish it wasn't so...I wish all three could compete next week, but that's not going to happen.  So, here we go...a very talented singer is going home tonight. 

I really have no idea who the top two should be?  Last year,  we all knew it would come down to Lauren and Scotty.  We also knew Scotty was going to win..right?   This year...I have no idea and that actually makes it a lot more fun. 

Jimmy's reaction to Joshua was pretty right on...I get what he was saying.  However, I think he did an amazing job with Imagine.  At this point I'm thinking he could be in trouble. 

So, Lisa Marie Presley sings...huh?  Not awful...not bad actually.  Not sure how this fits into the whole Idol thing, but whatever. 

Next Jimmy breaks down Jessica and I must I totally agree with him.  The song is so important for her, but I just don't think her talent can be denied.  I'm going out on a limb here, but I think she has the best all around voice this Idol has ever had.  I'm not saying she should win, I'm just saying her voice is off the charts.  However, Idol is about so much more than just a voice. 

Adam Lambert in neon...he was alright.  BTW did you know neon is totally back this season...pretty sure I won't be rocking it. 

Last up, Phillip and Jimmy was right on again.  His last performance last night was a show stopper and he is in this to win it.  It would be nice to see him stay, because he is so different then the other two!

Finally Seacrest spits it out...it's Jessica and Phillip!!!!!!!  It's hard to see Joshua go...for sure!  He had the best sing off of the entire season! 

In the end, I think Jessica and Joshua are just too similar in style.  Now we are left with two totally different artists.  I think this finale will be amazing and when you think about...really these two have been strong from day one.