Tim, location unknown: Like I'm sure a lot of people in Sacramento, I was listening to Paul & Phil. You guys handled it with such class. It was reassuring to listen to familiar voices and go through that together. I will always feel a connection with you two because of this.

William S., Sacramento: I was working as an Emergency Medical Technician on shift with Southwest Ambulance in Mesa, Arizona. I remember coming into Station 1 and everyone talking about what just happened at the World Trade Center. That was one of the busiest days I ever worked. We got news updates all day long from dispatch and fellow colleagues. And I'll never forget the overhead signs on the freeway that read "Sky Harbor Airport CLOSED."

Ariel, location unknown: That morning I walked into the living room to finish getting ready for school (I was in 5th grade) and saw it on the news as my mom explained to me what happened. I didn't know what to feel . Then I went to my morning daycare and learned one of my friends was on United Flight 93. That's when I cried.

Karen, location unknown: I was in the air force stationed at Whiteman AFB...what a day.

Doreen Y., location unknown: I was at Camp Roberts, CA as a personnel sergeant with the Calif Army National Guard. We were there to prepare soldiers for deployment to Kuwait when my radio woke me up to the sounds of what seemed like the War of the Worlds. Our barracks didn't have a TV, so all I could do was listen to the radio and get dressed and get my troops ready for the day. My first visual of what was happening was when we entered the mess hall for breakfast, they were showing one of the Towers burning, and just moments later, the first Tower fell. My heart just dropped along with it. The job we were there to do became that much more important, we had no idea if any of the troops were we preparing for deployment would be diverted to deal with this tragedy. Later when I was able to talk to my daughter's grandparents, I found out that my daughter Rachel (8 yrs old) had to do something and asked her grandpa to take her around the neighborhood to collect money for all the people that would need it. I think she collected $100.00 that day and donated it to a bank that had already set up a fund to accept donations. I was so unbelievably proud of her when I found out what she did. She knew that mommy was in the Army and was helping people and wanted to do the same.

Mike, Sacramento Like most folks on the West Coast, I was up getting ready for work. When the first plane hit, I felt shock, sadness, puzzlement over just how this could happen. With the second plane came the anger, because I, with the rest of the world, now knew this was deliberate. Because high-rises and govt. buildings were the targets, I wondered, as I made my way into work at my high-rise (for Sacramento, anyway) govt. office, if the Boss would send us all home; the word came about 1-1/2 hours later. I can only scarcely imagine how the families of those who died felt on that day, or what it's like every year 9/11 comes around. God bless them all. May we do whatever is necessary to prevent such a tragedy recurring, and never forget all the heroes, there just because they got up, went to work and did their jobs. Amen.

Bruce, Vacaville: I had just returned from Orlando, Fl on 9-9 . I was sleeping on a friends sofa. I had just woken up and was watching TV with no volume cause others were still sleeping. I saw the first plane hit the tower, still only half awake I thought I watching a movie. I watched for two or three minutes, and changed the channel cause if it's not a western movie I don't want to watch it. Next channel same thing. That's when I turned up the sound and realized we were under attack. I got tears in my eyes when I thought about all the people in the Towers. I was waiting for S.F to be hit, fortunately that never happened.

Deanna, location unknown: I was in sixth grade. In the middle of our class our teachers joined the two sixth grade classes together and we watched the newscast most of that day. God Bless the families of the victims of 9/11.

Chloe, location unknown: I was sitting in my 1st grade classroom, waiting to go out to the pool(as it was Thursday)when my teacher got a phone call. After she got off the phone, she told us that we would have to go home and that there would be no school tomorrow either. I was so bummed.

Vicki M., Sacramento: I was on my way to work listening to Y92 with Paul & Phil, when they were announcing the attack on the twin towers. The first plane had just hit when they were talking about it almost in disbelief that this was a terrorist attack. That this could happen in this great country. I remember the numbness in my heart and the country, and that everything came to a standstill. Once at work we watched in horror, with the silence and tears. We have moved on but with this horrible memory haunting us in the back of our minds and hope this never happens again. Thank God we live in the USA land of the free.

Mark, Citrus Heights: I was at home with my kids when my wife called from work to tell me to turn on the TV - when I asked what channel she, with a sound in her voice I'd never heard before nor since, said ANY CHANNEL. My mind was racing and then stunned when I saw what was happening. There are no words to describe what those people who had loved ones in the twin towers must have been feeling when they saw those images - our thoughts and prayers to all of them.

Debbie, location unknown: On September 11, 2001, I was getting ready for work listening to Paul and Phil on the radio. When they reported that a plane had crashed into a building in New York, I turned on the television to see what it was all about. I woke up my daughter to watch with me and watched the second plane crash into the other tower. I called my husband who was traveling and then called and woke up my sons to tell them what was happening. I told my daughter to stay home, but I went to work because I was working at OES at the time. It was a very intense day, watching and waiting to hear what might happen next. We have our flag flying in remembrance.

Amber W., Modesto: When 9/11 happened I was in 2 grade. And my dad was brushing my hair before school. And he called for my sister. When she came in the room he told us what was happening. I went to school and all we did was watch TV. Today I am in 10th grade. And my heart and mind are in all of those lost. And all i can say is thank you to those we lost.

Joe, Stockton: I was flying out of Stockton airport at 6:45 am. Right after the plane rotated off the runway, the captain pulled back the power, landed straight ahead and slammed on the breaks to stop before we ran out of runway. He made the announcement that the FAA had directed all planes to land everywhere in the country. We knew something serious was happening. We deplaned, went into the terminal to see the aftermath of World Trade Center attacks on the terminal TVs. We sat there in disbelief watching for two hours before our flight was canceled and we could go home!

Cathe, location unknown: I was woken by a phone call from my son who saw the first plane hit through his office window in Wall Street. He had me call my parents and bring them into the conversation so he could tell all of us that a horrible "accident" had occurred, but that he was OK. We watched the news together and saw the second plane hit. For awhile, the people in his office didn't know if it was safe to go out on the streets or not. No one knew if there were people on the ground attacking also. It was truly the worst day of our lives.

Kevin, location unknown: I was in Syracuse NY doing the 1st year of my Masters. I was laying in bed listening to Howard Stern when the planes hit. I turned on CNN to watch. About 15 min before the plane in Pa went down, my brother and I saw 2 F16s fly over the house. My mom works at a teaching hospital in Syr that has the best burn unit out of NYC. She was told to be on call to treat patients flown up from NYC. There wasn't enough survivors. My dad was in Chicago. We couldn't even get through to him on his cell. He ended up buying a used car to get back to Syr. He also drove a stranded family back to Cleveland. I called the Red Cross to donate blood. Told that the wait was 3 days for an appointment. My cousin worked in the building across the street and could see people jumping when the 2nd plane hit. My 2nd cousin at the Pentagon was not at work because he was dropping his daughter off at the 1st day of kindergarten. What a near miss. I'll never forget any of this.

Jack, location unknown: Today my husband and I celebrate 38 years of marriage together. On that fateful day of 9/11 we had great plans for celebrating 30 years but upon learning the news early that morning, we called our children home to sit together in our kitchen, eat pizza and prayed for those who suffered and were suffering.

Chris, location unknown: On the day of the attacks, I was in the third grade, I was sleeping and I had just woke up when I saw the news with the smoke coming out of the towers, and I was shocked that, that could've even happened, my grandparents were really upset about what had happened and they were really into the newscast about it... but they sent me to school anyways, I was talking about it with all of my friends at school all day and for a while after that... then a couple days later, my friends dad printed out a piece of paper of the smoke coming out of one of the the towers and he said, "people are getting superstitious about this, can you see the devils face in the smoke?" something like that, and I didn't really see it at first but then it seemed to stand out from the rest of the picture as a recognized it, then my friends dad said, "Weird huh, like it was supposed to happen..." I was surprised to hear him say this, I just thought "what are people thinking these days??"

Mary, Gold River: It was early in the morning and I was traveling on North bound 99, listening to Paul and Phil on then Y92. When I first heard it, I called my husband who was at home still sleeping. Now mind you he is not a morning person, so when I told him what was happening he didn't believe me, so I said, "turn on the TV!" I went to work and remained transfixed to the television for the remainder of the day! The emotions of that day were so extreme, I remember it like it was yesterday. May God continue to comfort those who lost loved ones on that fateful day!

Aujhana, Mountain House: I was eleven years old when it happened and in elementary school. At the age i would always watch the news so i knew what happened. My mom asked me if i wanted to go to school. I went and i wish i didn't all my teachers where sad and some crying

Jennifer L., Mountain House: 8 years ago today I was getting ready for another day of school. I was in 8th grade then. My brother ran into the house and yelled for my parents to come to the living room and out of curiosity I went too. He turned on the news and the footage played. I was so scared to go to school that morning but ended up going. I remember talking about it in all of the classes and not doing any work. We also had an 8th grade trip planned to Washington DC that year which I later chickened out of due to 9/11.

Ember N., Modesto: My senior year in high school was 2001. I woke up that morning and walked into the living room to see my Mom standing still in front of the television holding the iron, expressionless. All she said was "We've been bombed." I'd never my mom that confused and scared. I went to school that day and watched the coverage in every class I had, every one was too shocked and hurt to do any real school work. A couple of weeks later I donated blood for the survivors and a couple years later I actually went to Ground Zero. The saddest and most patriotic place I've ever been.

Jeff, Roseville: I learned of the tragedy when I got to work that morning, just after the first plane hit. A co-worker and I were watching live coverage when we saw the second plane hit the tower. My wife and I were married 9/11/99, and had planned to celebrate our 2nd anniversary that evening. When I got home later, and saw her staring at the TV, crying, I knew the card and flowers I bought were meaningless. Tonight, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary over a nice dinner, but our thoughts are with those who lost so much.

Daniel M., Stockton: I was at home getting ready for work when I heard of the attacks. Once I got to work I stayed glued to my radio and it was one of the slowest days at the office the phone hardly rang that day will forever be burned into my memory. I want to extend my heartfelt sympathies to anyone affected by the 9/11 attacks and lets not forget and remember them always in our hearts.

Tina, Pleasant Grove: I awoke to Paul and his radio compadre talking about the 2nd plane that hit the twin towers. Apparently I had slept through the news of the first plane hitting the twin towers. I was in my first week of the Masters of Social Work program at CSUS, so this tragedy became a real life lesson in critical incident debriefing and the effects of trauma on individuals, groups, and policies. CSUS canceled classes that day. Thank you for honoring the day.