Police: Boy Sold Nude Photo Of Middle School Girl To Peers
A Boston-area middle school has been rocked by a dirty scandal involving a teenager accused of selling pornographic photos of a girl he received through text messaging.

Officials from Chenery Middle School in Belmont, Massachusetts say dozens of teenagers received a pornographic photo of a female student after she allegedly sent the risque photo to a peer's cell phone. That peer reportedly distributed the image to other phones, occasionally for a $5 fee.

Police say as many as 50 cell phones could be involved in the distribution of the girl's phone.

No charges have been filed, though the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office says the distribution of the girl's image likely violate the state's child pornography laws. A police investigation is still ongoing.

In January 2009, six Pennsylvania high school students were charged by authorities with possessing and distributing child pornography after one student had his cell phone confiscated by staff members during school hours. The story was noted nationally as the first instance in which "sexting" -- the distribution of pornographic photos through mobile phones -- led to criminal charges against minors.