State Senator Leland Yee (D- San Francisco) is now the target of hateful, racist and threatening messages. The Senator says he has received voice mails, emails and fax messages containing racist and homophobic messages. One fax even threatens the Senator's life.

This all stems from the Senator asking questions about Sarah Palin's upcoming visit and speech at California State University Stanislaus. Senator Yee wants to know who is paying for the visit and how much. The goal is to determine if public money is being spent.

"These threats are not going to deter me from holding the CSU University at Stanislaus and its foundation accountable for what's going on," said Yee.

One fax the Senator received included a graphic of a pickup truck with an American flag on it, the truck is dragging a noose. Above the graphic, the message reads, "FIGHTING The Marxist N****r Thug Huessein Obama" and "Safeguard the Constitution, Death of all Domestic Marxists!"

"It's rather surprising to me that the level of discourse these days, not only in the state of California but in this country, is one where if you don't agree then you start to threaten people's safety," said Yee.

CSU Stanislaus President Hamid Shirvani released this statement, today: Hate and intolerance have no place in our society or at our university. I condemn the use of hate, racial and intimidating communications as a means of protest."

Sarah Palin, a former Vice Presidential Candidate, is schedule to speak to CSU Stanislaus' 50th anniversary gala in June.