Sacramento Zoo Looking For Help Naming Baby Tiger
The Sacramento Zoo is asking for the public's help in naming a baby tiger.

The 5 week old baby Sumatran tiger was born on March 18th.

Zookeepers have narrowed down the name to 5 choices:

- Shamrock - Beacause the tiger was born the day after St. Patrick's Day

- Lina - After Lina Fat, the matriarch of the Fat family, which has been behind several philanthropic efforts in Sacramento

- Jingaa - The Indonesian word for Orange. The tiger already has a full coat of orange fur and black stripes

- Malia - After Malia Obama, daughter of President Barack Obama. Tigers are Malia's favorite animal

- Selamat - In Indonesia this word can mean congratulations, safe and survivor.

If you want to vote on the tiger's name just click on the "Go" button on the main news page.