Police Arrest 3 Former Students For Rocklin High Graffiti Spree
Police have made arrests in a graffiti spree that cost the Rocklin High School twenty thousand dollars to clean-up.

Those arrested are former Rocklin High students. Brett Imwalle, Monika Henderson, and a 17 year-old girl have all been taken into custody on felony charges. Police say they caught the teenagers because of text messages they sent to students at the school, bragging about what they'd done. They were also able to match the hand-writing in the spray paint to hand writing on old assignments turned in at Rocklin High when they were still students there.

"That's too much for a school prank," said Rebecca Taylor, a Rocklin High Freshman.

Students attending the school now say they're angry about the damage done to their school.

"They took it to another level and totally disrespected our school," said Maddie Lowell, also a freshman.

Students say they are worried that the school may have to cut programs because of the 20-thousand dollar clean-up bill. They've taken up a collection to help pay for the damages.