Lodi Gets Thousands Of Bees Removed
Manuel Rojas, a Stockton-based beekeeper, removed thousands of bees from Downtown Lodi this week.

Rojas thinks of the bees as pets, and he has dozens of hives full of them. He collected most of them from bee removal services he has done around town.

"They like to be protected from the weather, so they normally want to go...inside the house, any place they can. They go in the eaves, into the walls, into the crevices," says Rojas.

When the weather heats up, Manuel's beekeeping business does too. He gets about ten calls a week from people looking to get a swarm of bees removed from their house.

Experts say the bees we have in the Central Valley are not as aggressive as the ones in Southern California, where "killer bees" are flourishing.