Labor Day traditionally marks the beginning of the campaign season; and right on cue Democrat Jerry Brown finally entered the race for Governor. Until now the Attorney General, and former Governor, left the stage to Republican Meg Whitman. The former E-Bay CEO has been pounding the pavement for months and spending millions on campaign ads.

"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry" Brown received a hero's welcome at the North Valley Labor picnic in Manteca. In this working class crowd Brown is seen as a savior, "California will create more jobs. Whitman now, she talks about jobs, but I've created jobs."

On Labor Day 2010, the working men and women in this crowd are still struggling with job loses; and threats of a double dip recession. Susan Osman, the wife of a Teamsters Union truck driver, is looking for answers, "There's a lot of us out here who work with our hands; and I watch my husband work is rear end off and we barely get by."

This race for Governor is already known for its spending. Republican Whitman has spent more than $100 million; and Brown barely one percent of that. A recent poll by Survey USA shows Whitman leading Democrat Brown by a 47% - 40% margin. This is what Brown told FOX40's John Lobertini, "Our poll last night showed a one point difference, which is a miracle given the 125 million, most of it negative."

Brown's appearance in Manteca, and Santa Ana earlier in the day, also brought relief. The Attorney General has been almost invisible on the campaign trail. "We can't let it go south with Meg and we're out here to support him. And the next few weeks are going to be imperative to the campaign," says Cindy Harris, a volunteer campaign manager in San Joaquin County.

Brown worked his way through the crowd meeting people, shaking hands and taking pictures. He's banking on name recognition and a political legacy to make up any lost ground. With barely 8 weeks before election day the Democratic candidate for Governor knows he's now on the political fast track, "We start our battle tomorrow. You'll see my ads, you'll see me up and down the state. I'm gonna deliver a message not of division, but of uniting the people of California."

Election Day is November 2nd.