Boreal Missing Hiker Found
A 28 year old Truckee man is safe at home after a harrowing two night stay in the frigid Sierra.

Kevin Davis got lost tuesday while on snow shoes with a group of friends in the back country near the Boreal Mountain Ski Resort. But Davis, an experienced outdoorsman, got more than he bargained for and couldn't find his way out. Keith Royal of the Nevada County Sheriff's Deparment says, "I had a chance to talk to him, he was relieved. He told me he didn't think he would make it a third night because of the heavy snow and freezing temperatures."

The weather hampered search efforts tuesday and wednesday, but thursday brought clear skies and hope. Hope, because Davis was carrying food, water and an emergency blanket; and he knew how to stay alive, at least for a while. Jennifer Gurecki told FOX 40's John Lobertini outside the emergency room at Tahoe Forest Hospital, "He dug a small snow cave and slept in that and today when he heard the helicopters, he attached his emergency blanket to a pole and waived it in the air and that's how they saw him."

The clear weather allowed the National Guard and the C-H-P to send helicopters to an area called Castle Peak near Donner Summitt. Survival expert Doug Stoup says Davis was lucky people knew he was missing and where, "I think his experience saved his life. You know, knowledgable enough to protect himself in the elements, having food and water really kept him alive."

If this weren't so serious, it might have been a thrill for the daring 28 year old summer time white water rafting guide. Doctors examined him for more than 4 hours; he's exhausted and dehydrated; but there's no frostbite and he has no apparent injuries. When asked to describe what it felt like to hear Davis was found alivem Gurecki says "Oh, I wanted to punch him. I was like so relieved, but so upset with him too."

Reporters waited outside the hospital for hours hoping to talk to Davis about his amazing story of survival. "What did he tell you?" asked John Lobertini, but an unidentified friend would only say "He's doing great. He's very grateful and he wants to go home." Instead Davis slipped out a side door, and told friends he'll talk to reporters tomorrow.