Selling a Home: Should You Do It Yourself?
 Millions of Americans are saving money by selling their homes by themselves. But what a hassle, right? Not according to some.

     Bobby Capps recently sold his Yolo County house. He had it on the market with realtors for two years. Then he sold it himself in three months. With him it was all about saving.

  "I don't feel if you have a house that's $300,000 and you're getting 6% and it sells in one day I don't think you deserve $18,000 for doing the paperwork."    But realtor Carlos Kozlowski with Coldwell Banker says it's  important now more than ever to have a realtor.

   "An overpriced house will not sell and an underpriced house will lose thousands of dollars for the potential seller.A realtor has worked for a long time and is able to market the property show the property and stage it and other stuff to sell it."     According to the National Association of Realtors, houses can fetch 16% below market value if you sell it yourself, but the houses are on the market a shorter amount of time (four weeks for a For Sale By Owner Home versus three months for an agent-assisted home), fewer incentives are offered, and they're usually sold for 97% of the asking prices.  Agent-assisted sales fetched 95% of the asking price in a 2009 study.

    Best bet? Weigh the length of time you can tolerate, and consider the asking price.  Most importantly, no matter which method you choose, do your homework on other homes in the area.

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