No Arrests on Day Two of Capitol Protests
When CHP officers arrested 65 demonstrators for trespassing, Monday night, were they sending a message? Instead of citing and releasing the 65, officers took them all to the Sacramento County Jail.

Most of the demonstrators who refused to leave the Capitol rotunda faced, in their minds, an unexpected consequence.

"There is no question we will do whatever it takes to make sure the Capitol is secure," said CHP Officer Sean Kennedy. "We don't negotiate the rules, we enforce them."

The demonstrators were booked like any other suspect. They were searched, medically screened, fingerprinted, photographed and locked in a holding cell. It was an all night experience.

The California Teachers Associations reports, only six of its members were arrested. The CTA obtained the permit to demonstrate but advised its members to leave when the Capitol closed at 6:00 p.m. Most of those arrested were not affiliated with the CTA but jumped at the chance to protest the state's money issue.

"We want them (lawmakers) to continue taxes we're already paying to avoid cuts to K-thru-12 and higher education," said David Sanchez, CTA President. Sanchez said the arrests Monday night likely overshadowed what the CTA set out to do, but understands the passion.

CHP officers say they made zero arrrests on Tuesday.