City of Tracy Job Cuts
Budget woes could mean pink slips for officers in Tracy's Police Department.

The proposed cuts come as the city remains in the national spotlight with a number of high profile cases.

The City of Tracy has to cut 9-million bucks off it's budget citywide, which could mean a loss of 68-jobs throughout the city...every department is expected to get hit, including cops.

But cops hope the city will make a deal with them before that next big crime happens and there's less cops to solve it.

These cuts come as Tracy remains in the national spotlight on a number of high profile cases.

Like Melissa Huckaby on trial for the murder of Sandra Cantu.....and the Tracy teen toture case where 5-defendants are fighting charges of holding a boy captive for years.

Still Tracy Officials officials say there out of money and cops aren't the only one's taking this financial hit. City officials say all city employee's are affected and some people just have to go.

Tracy City Manager Leon Churchill says "our severance package is very generous - up to 6 months base pay.

Still Tracy cops are hoping during private meetings with the city they can strike a last minute deal with concessions to save police jobs.