California Lawmaker Wants Undocumented Residents To Become Citizens
A California lawmaker wants to create a pathway for undocumented residents to have citizenship.

Assemblyman Tony Mendoza who's a democrat from Norwalk says if you're already in the country, haven't broken any laws, and can speak english, then you should have the right to become a U.S. Citizen. It's a practice he feels thousands of undocumented residents have done for decades, including his own parents. "A poll says 72-percent of Californians support this, now let's put this up for vote."

Mendoza's bill has a long journey. It must pass both California houses, get the governor's signature, and then will be put on the ballot June 2012. Still even if California gives it a thumbs up, its up to Congress and the President to decided if this pathway is going anywhere.