Mystery of Traveling Ashes Solved
It appears to be mystery solved in the case of a West Sacramento couple's urns and ashes. They mysteriously showed up at a vacant house in Pennsylvania a few months ago. Authorities worked to find a next of kin with no success.

It's an after death drama that disturbed friends in West Sacramento who knew Charles and Jean Johnson for years.

"How did they get there? How are they still together? What happened to them all those years?" asked West Sacramento resident and friend, Errol Summy. Summy attended the Trinity Presbyterian Church with the Johnson's for decades. He remembers the couple as kind and very involved with the congregation.

"Good people, excellent people," recalled Sherry Watson. She still lives across the street from what was the Johnson's home on Mosswood Circle in West Sacramento.

Both Summy and Watson said the Johnson's had just one child, a son named, Larry, who they believe would be about 55 now. They lost contact with him after Jean Johnson died in 2004. She was 86. Her husband, Charles had died five years earlier, he was also 86.

How their ashes stayed together all these years and showed up in Pennsylvania on the porch of a vacant house was a mystery until Tuesday night. Authorities in Butler County, Pennsylvania report they have found next of kin. They plan to put out a press release Wednesday morning. Unconfirmed reports indicate they located the couple's son in Butler County, that he recently moved there and when he had his parents' ashes sent, someone stole them from his porch the day they arrived and disposed of them on the porch of the vacant house.