A cluster of natural gas leaks in a West Davis neighborhood has residents there on edge. Gas leaks in residential neighborhoods are not uncommon, but the sheer number of them is worrisome. And they're all traceable to a plastic pipe installed in the mid-1970's.  

The plastic pipe is called Aldyl-A. Federal regulators say Aldyl-A made before 1973 tends to crack or split with age and they have recommended that they be replaced.

Homeowner David Johnson saw a pattern of a half a dozen gas leaks in the last 18 months around his Stonegate neighborhood home. He pointed out the trend to PG & E.

"Last Monday, PG & E did a gas detection survey and found four additional leaks just driving around our subdivision," Johnson told FOX40.

All the leaks in West Davis were repaired, but the plastic pipe that failed was the same pipe that burst causing a seven-hour fire in a Roseville intersection just over a month ago, as well as an explosion that leveled a Cupertino condominium.

DuPont, the makers of the Aldyl-A plastic pipe, notified PG &E back in 1982 that 30% of the pipe it made in the early 1970's could have serious problems over time, like cracking and splitting.

The San Bruno disaster is still fresh in the minds of homeowners in West Davis, even though the two-inch line is much smaller than the 30-inch transmission line that failed there. Johnson said PG&E charts leaks in the area.

"Yet they did not come to the city of Davis, they did not come to the homeowners association…we had to go to them and let them know of the problem," said Johnson.

PG&E has scheduled a community meeting for Thursday and says engineers will be there to answer any questions.

In the meantime, PG&E technicians will walk the streets every other week looking for leaks with sensitive instruments and that any leaks that are found will be replaced.

Johnson says what neighbors need to know is how much of the bad pipe is in the neighborhood, and an action plan and timetable to replace that pipe. PG & E says there is a plan to replace 1,200 miles the early 1970's pipe, but hasn't told FOX40 if the Stonegate pipes are a part of that plan.