Modesto Police Investigate Triple Homicide

The calm of an East Modesto neighborhood - shattered this morning as not one, but three bodies are found inside a home bordering Creekside golf course.

Police won't explain exactly why they say there's no threat to the general public in the face of no arrest in this case.

But, they do seem certain that the only ones with cause to worry about this morning's shooter or shooters, were already inside the home on North McClure Road.

More than 12 hours after gunshots took three lives inside one home, officers were still outside of it, trying to make the puzzle pieces fit.

"I was tripping out... cuz it's so close to us, said neighbor Kim Williams.

" I didn't hear nothing. I woke up three something, four something and saw all the flashing lights," said neighbor Bishop James.

Neighbors on either side of the house turned graveyard, say they too missed any signs of trouble from inside a home where they believed a young husband and wife lived with a young son, a daughter and a roommate.

"There was one male in his early 30s, one female in her mid 20s and unfortunately one male about 16 years old," said Modesto police officer Scott Nelson.

That's how officers describe the three people they found shot to death in their own home around 3:40 am. 

They won't yet confirm the relationship between the three, but have shared other details.

"I know there was at least one witness.. extent of how many we're... still interviewing," said Nelson.

That one person, found inside the house with the bodies, made one of several 911 calls, alerting police of the gunshots that caused the tragedy.

"I couldn't believe it you know... some things happen you wouldn't expect," said neighbor Corey Williams.

Some who've been in the area for decades say the closed street next to Creekside golf course attracts trouble.

"High speed chase... always something down toward the dead end," said Williams.

Others say they were stunned to hear about three killings near streets they always considered safe.

Officer have not identified a suspect in this case.

They do say there are no signs if a home invasion or robbery on North McClure Road.