Photo: Day 6 - 302 lbs.

Photo: Day 6 - 302 lbs.

Day 6 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

302 lbs.

Why is it, that the moment you begin a huge diet, and start trying to eat healthier in your life, some schmuck at work brings cookies in the morning??? Whatever. You can avoid those. But the moment you make it into your office, another nice schmuck walks in with a pan of fresh baked goodness and says, "I know your eating carrots and everything, but I didn't want to be rude and not offer you some of my wife's delicious mint brownies."


Isn't that MORE rude?  "How bout I offer you my left fist in return for your wonderful work hospitality?"

The thing is, there is always food here at my office. It's unavoidable. I have wonderful co-workers who make things and bring stuff in, all the time.  I can't bake, so I would just bring doughnuts from to time. Ugh. Doughnuts. I will give $100 right now for a Krispy Kreme.

Well... here comes the tough weekend. 100 degree heat. 3 days away from work. 2 barbecues. And a champagne brunch. Sound like the perfect 4th of July weekend? Uh-uh. Hell-to-the-No. It will be miserable!  All I'll want to do is stay inside in the air-conditioning, eating all the BBQ I can get my hands on and drink my way through our country's 245th birthday. Well at least it's not Thanksgiving.  UGH. THANKSGIVING!

I'm so hungry.

Well, I have a 25-mile bike ride scheduled for Saturday. Swimming on Sunday. And a 'Wii Fit' date with my girlfriend on Monday. I think I'll be sweating much more than that 4th of July Weekend!

Day 6 at IMAGE HEALTH went very well. The owner, Rudy, dropped in and messed around with my intensity settings. I think for a moment he thought I was a big fish flopping around. But this guy rocks. He wants to go biking with me this weekend and really cares about each person who walks through the door. Heck, they all do. There's something to be said about the moment you walk through the door of a business early in the morning, and every face you see is genuinely happy to you see you there.