Photo: Day 5 - 303 lbs and red-eye.

Photo: Day 5 - 303 lbs and red-eye.

Day 5 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

303 lbs.

5 lbs to date... but here's the cool thing: 4 & a half inches!  2 in the chest, and 2 & a half in the gut. I don't really "feel" it yet, but I am beginning to see a bit of a change.

The diet helps for sure. But I constantly find myself thinking about food.  Constantly.  My girlfriend was trying on a beautiful dress the other day and asked how I liked it?  I said, "It's beautiful babe, like a double whopper with cheese."

She didn't talk to me much after that.

But it's true. I can't watch food commercials either. Plus, when I'm driving by a billboard of something that looks delectable, I shout like an old guy with road rage and people think I'm having a fight on my blue-tooth. I don't own a blue-tooth.

I'm beginning to think there's this conspiracy where "they" really wants us all to be fat. In every commercial break there's ads for fast food or macro-restaurants. All filled with pictures of the the one thing on their menu that will taste the best, and probably kill us all if we eat too much of it! Seriously. WHY IS ALL THE BEST TASTING FOOD BAD FOR YOU???? And I swear, McDonald's puts cocaine in their fries.  And I'm pretty sure cocaine is bad for you. Then again, so is McDonald's.

Unless of course, you have a grilled chicken wrap with lettuce, NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE. Which, of course, I did when I was in a hurry the other day.  NO fries. NO Fries. I avoided them sure, but that was about as much fun as a tax audit.

But it's all a state of mind I suppose. At least, that's what the lovely Rachelle says at IMAGE HEALTH.  "If you believe you aren't fat, than you will cease to be fat."


Um. Ok. Yeah. Let me try that right now. "I'm not fat. I'm not fat. I'm not fat." ... Aaaaaaaannnnnnndddd...Yup, still fat.

Seriously though.

I understand what she means. You HAVE to believe you can do this, or it will be much easier to fail.