Photo: Day 3 - 303 lbs still

Photo: Day 3 - 303 lbs still

Day 3 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

303 lbs.

I actually think I gained a pound back! Though weigh-in this morning WAS with my jeans and belt on. That counts for something right???

So for the first time really, I'm taking extra steps to start reigning in my diet. There's the obvious discarding of general fast food. But I think Subway is still OK. So, Sweet Onion Teriyaki sandwich, NO CHEESE, NO MAYO, NO EXTRA SAUCE. Plenty of veggies, baked chips, and I'm still chugging on my alkaline battery water. Well, it's not really battery water but its got Alkaline in the name so from here on in, to me, it's battery water.

The hardest part is being at home.  I can work through almost anything, and my line of work is always busy. But at home, when it's getting late, Sportscenter is on, and you want to crack open a can of cashews, or have a bowl of cereal, or nosh on an ice cream sandwich, you just can't anymore. "Don't eat anything after 8 o'clock," one of my technicians remarked, to which I replied, "yeah, the only way this whole thing's truly gonna work, is if that's 8 o' the morning." He didn't find my pessimism amusing. 

But it's true.

Sometimes I think that the only way i can lose that kind of weight is to starve myself. Then I think about seeing photos of Lara Flynn Boyle and remember that's a bad idea.

I suppose the trick is to stop eating BEFORE you're full.  Your body needs to catch up with what you're stuffing inside it, so that by the time you're full, you've probably eaten a half hour too much! So in my case, that means sometimes I'm eating TWICE as much as I should.

I'm sure we ALL do that sometimes. A lot. Probably.

But it gets over-amplified cause I'm fat.

So Day 3 at IMAGE HEALTH marked lots of new progress with the electro-slim therapy. Dan was my tech today, and he was kind enough to raise my intensity levels higher than I've managed to go so far.  By the end of the hour, I was actually sweating. Still down an inch in the gut, and now a full inch in my chest.

This weekend there will be walking and bike riding on the agenda. I suggest everyone do the same.